viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Some things are better left unsaid...

This is an interesting blog post because as the title suggests, some things are indeed better left unsaid. At times we may not have the words to express how we feel. May it be the biggest joy or the saddest moment in our lives, words are sometimes not enough. A show of one’s love can be expressed by a single caress or a simple glance and sparkle in your eyes. A stubborn tear that manages to roll down your cheek in the moment you least expected is worth more than a thousand words to express your sorrow.

We always wish we knew what to say to make things better for a friend who is having a rough time. I know I’ve always had trouble offering words of comfort, but the warmth of a strong hug is sometimes enough to show you care. People don’t always expect you to tell them it’s all going to work out in the end. We don’t need to hear the storm will pass and eventually it will all be better. It’s not always what you say that can make a difference.

Yes, words can be complicated and sometimes can get us into trouble. But for some of us, words can also become a source of comfort. I find strength in every verb, I find significance in every noun, and I find faith in every name that I write down. For me, writing is a liberating feeling and an empowering action where I can find a sense of reassurance and hope for what I believe.

We may not always know what to say, we may not always say the right thing, but what we feel will always find a way to pull through. Some of us feel the urge to talk things over and in that attempt tend to find ourselves in a deeper rut than where we started. Patience is a virtue, and when lost at sea sometimes it is better to ride the current than to fight it. So if things are indeed better left unsaid, only time and destiny will have the words we need.

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